Sunday, March 22, 2009

Voting By Shopping

Lately, quite a few bloggers have been noting that "Atlas Shrugged" spent a few weeks on Amazon hovering around the #50 spot on the list of most popular books. (Once I saw it in the mid 30s).

I figure I should do my part in promoting some other books I always wanted to read, and maybe vote with my wallet a bit, so I just picked up Milton Friedman's "Freedom to Choose", and Hayek's "Road to Serfdom". I've read other things by both, watched Friedman's TV programs and such, but I feel I should also have them in print and maybe strew them about for the family. ;)

Probably will go on the same shelf as my copy of "Liberal Fascism"...

I've been interested in the home front of WWII ever since I did a report on it in school. I also, oddly, took Japanese, German, and Russian in school, so I studied a lot about it just in those classes. (Though, I have to admit, I stopped taking German after three years due to Nazi burnout. I just couldn't read another horrible story about it.)


Dana said...

Oh, but there is so much more to German history! I'd suffer from Nazi burnout, too, but we only really covered it in my modern literature class in college.

Sounds like great books, by the way. I've been eying the Milton Friedman one for awhile.

silvermine said...

Oh, I know there is. It's just that two years in a row, it seemed our textbooks just obsessed over it. I couldn't take having to learn the words for "torture" or "starve to death" anymore. I was a bit of a sensitive teenager, and it was just too much to read story after story about orphans and their bombed houses.