Monday, September 18, 2006

Interrogation Techniques Revealed!

The CIA's list of interrogation techniques was leaked to the papers:

"The techniques sought by the CIA are: induced hypothermia; forcing suspects to stand for prolonged periods; sleep deprivation; a technique called "the attention grab" where a suspect's shirt is forcefully seized; the "attention slap" or open hand slapping that hurts but does not lead to physical damage; the "belly slap"; and sound and light manipulation."


I mean, seriously, my kids subject me to 6 of the 7 on a semi-daily basis. They have never, however, induced hypothermia. They're more likely to make you sweat to death. On top of those other 6 techniques, they do other fun things. I think we'd get a lot more information out of the terrorists if we made them nurse a teething baby. We could hold a tube of lanolin just out of reach!

(Nursing is going pretty well, but she gets a little too, uh, enthusiastic. Like her brother was...)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Oh, right, I had a baby!

I've had it pointed out to me that I, uh, sorta forgot to mention that I
had a baby!

She was born on August 4th, after a relatively easy labor. Thank
goodness... Her brother was not an easy birth, and the recovery was
awful. (With him, my husband had to stay home for 4 weeks just to take
care of us!)

She is a happy pretty pink pudgy little piggy. She makes the cutest
little grunting noises and already sometimes lets me sleep 5 hours
straight at night. (Her brother had colic.... So I'm shocked and pleased
that I sometimes get sleep, instead of a baby screaming from midnight
until 3 am...!)

By 2 weeks after she was born, she was already a pound over her birth
weight! She's a very good eater... Or I have really powerful milk, or
something. :D

Now, if only I could get the house cleaned up before I have to go back
to work. (*sigh*)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm Back!

Sorry, just had a baby. It was a little busy there for a while... and I hadn't been doing a lot of cleaning, so the idea of posting was, quite frankly, very depressing.

I have been recovering pretty quickly though, which is great! I had a very slow, long, horrible recovery with my son, so I was expecting this all to take longer. Happily, I'm already doing a lot of chores and starting to declutter again. I don't know when the place was last vacuumed, though. :( I have a ton of catching up to do.

Of course, today I feel pretty horrible. I don't know if it's allergies or what. My abdominal muscles are still incredibly weak (thehy were stretched really thin!) so I usually have a sore back, and I have to wear an abdominal binder or I feel like my guts are going to fall out. Some days they still feel like that anyway!

So, right now, the goal is to keep up on the daily tasks like the dishes, laundry, etc.. and start decluttering the den. I really need to get my son's toys all cleaned up, because right now they are all over everything in every room, and he can never find anything he's looking for! I'm hoping to bo some up that he isn't using, and put some others up on shelves so that there's some actual floor space available. Then I start migrating to the other rooms to fix them. I know I'm supposed to go to a new room each week, bt without hte den cleaned up, I just don't see how I can clean up any other room!

Yesterday I got some shelves out of hte garage and cleaned them up and started putting the fisher price little people toys on them. Just with a little cleaning like that (and getting dh to move some boes out..!) it's already a lot better. I just wish I felt better and oculd run in and do it all in one day. I've been living in mess and dirt too long, and I'm worried about the fact that we haven't vacuumed or dusted enough, in a house with lead paint! Ugh... I hate this place.