Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How Am I Doing on Those Virtues?

I did stop actively journaling about my attempts at improving myself as Franklin did, by trying to improve myself in a different virtue a week... but that doesn't mean I haven't improved at all! I'd say I've just been focusing on the few virtues that I'd really like to get more focus on right now, and save some of the other ones for later. So lets see how I've been doing on those virtues for the past six months or so.


Doing very well here, I'd say. I'm pregnant, so my caffeine habit is at a minimum (I drink one cup of coffee a day), I drink half a glass of wine maybe every couple of weeks. I don't generally over-eat because it just feels too uncomfortable with my already huge stomach. I've been eating low carb, trying to avoid another diagnosis of gestational diabetes (and I did it! No GD this time!). I cook dinner almost every night, and it tends to be something tasty and pretty healthy. I'm having a lot more salads, too.


I'd say I'm about the same here. I mean, I don't really have time for much "trifling conversation" but I don't think I've done anything in particular to weed it out.


I'd say this is right up FlyLady's alley! I'm working on finding a place for everything (even if that place is the trash or goodwill, or whatever!) and finding a time to do all the important things I have to do. Those times might not be specific hours and minutes, but certain parts of the day. Very FlyLady, and I'm making a lot of progress here.


I'd say I'm also improving here. Instead of making lists that I never follow, and then get guilty about not following it, I do more of the things I resolve to do more often. Still, like all other things, there is room for improvement.


We are certainly more frugal in one very big way -- grocery store shopping! Fewer trips, less wasted food, less eating out. I think DH has cut down on some of his spending, but we could certainly work more here. But I do notice the grocery bill difference for sure!


I'd say this is definitely improved. I do spend more time working and less time resting. However, some people might say that isn't necessarily a good thing in a 29-week-pregnant lady. ;) I really do need to improve in this, though I have improved some. I do still spend a little too much time "waking up" in the morning. Heck, right now I should be getting work done and instead I'm journaling.


Okay, probably not doing so hot here. I'm pregnant. Things just spill out.


Probably about the same as before. I don't think I have much of a problem with this.


Eh, once again -- I'm pregnant. Not an excuse, but it isn't something I've been able to manage to curtail. I do harbor resentment, and I am allowing things to get to me.


Much improved!!


As far as my son is concerned, I think I'm mostly better at this, though when I'm in a mood, I'm certainly not that great. My patience sometimes flies out the window. With dh and at work, I'm probably far worse. It's been hard, and I know I'm letting to beat me up inside.


...still none of your business. ;)


Oh lord, it's hard to be humble.... and I'm not.

End of May Update

Yes, I know, I need to update more often... I just don't seem to have the time!

Lately I've been really bogged down by the fact that I feel like no one helps me. Dh has noticed the work I've been doing, and gives me a really sincere thank you from time to time. Of course, that's nice and it feels good! But working full time and being 29 weeks pregnant, I'd like it a whole lot more if he would pitch in! Or, at the very least, not criticize our 3 year old son when he tries to help me. I swear! :P I know he's trying to be helpful, but I just want out son to not be traumatized by helping mommy clean.

Anyway, I'm doing pretty well keeping up with daily things. I just can't seem to find time to clear hotspots or declutter, which gets a little frustrating and tempts me into thinking I haven't gotten anything done. But hey! When I got up this morning, the dishes were done, the sink was clean, the living room floor was picked up, I could find the tv remotes!, and the dining room table was mostly clear (one end is a hotspot) and clean. It was so nice to be able to sit down and eat without washing dishes or being disgusted. Oh, plus there were plenty of clean clothes (I still need to work on laying the out, but at least they're all clean, folded, and mostly put away!)

I've come so far! I hope ill be able to get some more decluttering done before the baby is here.

Oh! And I go grocery shopping only once a week (plus dh goes to costco once a week for meat, cheese, and bread) and make dinner almost every night! :) sure saves time and money, and its tastier and healthier too!

I'd say I'm doing pretty darn good. :) So, it's not perfect. No one's perfect. I'm getting better, and I'm doing pretty well. And that's good enough for now.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Babysteps to Flying

Okay, I think I've confessed this before, but I've been a "FLYBaby" for oh... 6 years? I don't know, how long has she been doing this? :D And I'm still not very good at it. I just didn't "get" it for the longest time. I'm way too stubborn.

Anyway, I've been trying to slow down and do baby steps. I'm really not good at that. I find it too frustrating in the beginning, because you know, we're alreayd at this point because things are so messy we can't stand them one more minute. So I can't handle that I may not get the place looking "cleaner" until 8 months from now.

I think I finally started getting it last year, but then we all went on vacation, got sick, and I got pregnant! I totally "fell off teh FlyLady wagon" and had to get back into it again. I wasn't all that good at it to begin with!

Anyway, I'm going through her 30 baby steps now, trying to take my time. I just got a little upset that I was only on about step number 12. After getting back on the wagon for two months. So I decided to see what the rest of the steps were, to see how much more work I had to do to really get fully into what I was supposed to be doing. Well, to my surprise.... I'm doing most of the later things already! I really only have about 5 more things to add to my routine, it looks like. (Though I still need to get more solid on the things I have there now). But it isn't another 20 things, and that's what's important! I'm already planning dinner, checking calandars, eating well, and doing my laundry every day! GO ME! Those were all tasks to add in the coming days. I really, really only have 5 things to add, eventually. I think on top of those, I have another dozen (maybe?) in mind I want to add, specific to me. Like cleaning out the pet cages (ugh!).

Still to add:
  • Kelly's daily missions (not adding those until everything is decluttered enough somewhere that I can actually DO them)
  • Make bed (Actually, does anyone have a recommendation here? My husband and I have our own sets of sheets/covers/blankets/etc because we really aren't good at sharing, plus I always want to be super-toasty warm, and he apparently sleeps better when he's freezing to daeth. How do you make a bed with two sets of everything??)
  • Look at Ask Flylady every day
  • Complete Control Journal
  • weekly pamper mission
Not too bad, huh??

Just yesterday I was getting really upset again that I felt like I wasn't doing anything right. But I managed to make some dinner, straighten things up, keep the laundry going, and all that with a bad sinus headache! While I was working from home, watching my son, helping DH with homework, and I managed to clean up the front yard some.

Yay me!! I like making lists of accomplishments. It seems ot always make me feel better. I think having a really super long to do list just makes me really scared and upset. But I really am doing a lot! I just have a lot of demands! (Maybe we can find a way to declutter those too!!)