Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm With Fred

I've been loath to come out and talk about politics. It comes between people. It makes enemies out of friends. People take these things too personally, and get too upset about it, so I've been trying to tiptoe around it. Originally, I made this blog and this pseudonym in order to feel more free to discuss these things, but as I meet people online and this persona takes on a personality of it's own, I now find I don't want to alienate the people who have met me and have been friendly.

But I'm going to endorse a candidate for president. Not that I think anyone will care that much. I really don't think a lot of people read this blog. But if I can change one person's mind, that's wonderful! Or even get someone to take a second look at him.

I no longer can hide. I really should come out and say this under my real name, but I'm so scared of alienating people. But I need to speak my mind. I hate feeling like I'm hiding things, and I know it is my duty to participate in our democracy. It would be different if he were just another candidate. Just another lesser of two evils. But I genuinely like him. He's the candidate I've always wished for:
  • He speaks his mind
  • He is consistent for decades of speeches, votes and actions
  • He's logical
  • He understands the real constitution
  • The way he talks, he sounds as if he knew the founding fathers personally
  • He is a federalist
  • He is for small government
  • He does not play the media's game

And really that last point is why I really need to speak up. He needs more exposure, and through friendly channels -- not the media.

So go check out his website. He has his positions posted, clear and easy to understand. He isn't making promises he'll break, or trying to buy your votes. He feels he was called to do this, and he's willing to do this if we want him. But he won't pander. And I love that!