Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Decision Making

Here's a post I found through the Carnival of the Capitalists about decision making.

It's one of my pet peeves that some managers can't seem to manage to make a list of reasons for or against something to make a decision, but instead go by their "gut". We once even had our group get sorted by personality, and it seems ALL the decision-makers were like this, while all the workers were obsessed with making sure they had a reason for their decisions. Well, it certainly helped us figure out where all the stress was coming from, and we worked on fixing that in the future. Of course, HR led us to believe that this was a perfectly acceptable situation... Ahh well..

Anyway, this is an excellent and incredibly logical way of making qualitative decisions more data-based. I intend to use it often! I love lists and numbers, and this is a great tool. It makes me feel foolish for not thinking of it myself!


From Econlog, an article about outsourcing.

I, of course, agree with Tyler.