Monday, October 24, 2005

Week Two: Do-over!

Okay, you may have noticed I just sort of disappeared off the face of the earth. Well, what happened was that we had nine people in from out of town at work this week -- several of them from two different vendors! So, I basically spent 9-6 in meetings. All day. Every day. After that, I was exhausted and everything was a mess.

I did cook dinner (or reheat healthy delicious leftovers) every night.

Today I'm staying home. I'd planned on cleaning, and I have done a little, but I'm feeling guilty for not doing more. But most of all, I got a little chance to just sort of relax. There's no littler person demanding time, no meetings to go to, no deadlines, no desperate THING that needs to be done. We have groceries. We have dinner. We have the little errands done. And I'm taking a well-deserved rest. I need to rest.

Of course, I'd be resting more if my husband wasn't in the other room going a tad bit melodramatic over his homework. If he swears and screams one more time... well... I'll have to go hide upstairs or something. This is my day off. I'm supposed to be relaxing, not cringing every time he gets upset. I can't help it. It puts me on edge, and makes me jump, and makes me just... nervous. I want to fix it. But I can't do his homework for him (I mean, it's wrong, besides the fact that I don't know C++ that well.)

Anyway, I didn't really have time or energy to clean or try to improve myself last week, so I'm declaring a do-over!

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