Thursday, October 13, 2005

Self Improvement Report for 10/12/2005

Okay, I think instead of having a weekly scorecard, I'll do a daily report of how I did the day before.


  • Temperance -- Lunch was leftovers, dinner was very healthy, however I ate 2 pieces of chocolate at night. No drinking involved, and I kept my caffeine intake to a minimum (1 cup of coffee in the morning, a little tea in the afternoon).
  • Silence -- I did gossip a bit with my ex-editor on the phone (and here I said I don't do that a lot). I did do a good deal of blogging and email, but I'd like to think it helped everyone in some way. ;)
  • Order -- More details below with Flylady, but I did my part to put things in their place. I might not be doing quite as well with juggling work time, but I'm getting it nuder control with more task lists and schedules.
  • Resolution -- I did make dinner and did go to Target as I intended. And did cleaning as above. However I did not deliver a spreadsheet and a schedule that I promised.
  • Frugality -- I think I did okay. I made dinner for my family, instead of using expensive mixes or eating out. I tried to keep purchases to a minimum, though I'm not sure how much Franklin would approve of my Halloween decoration choices.
  • Industry -- I was quite industrious, until after I put my son to bed and we decided to play Age of Empires from midnight to 2 am. On the other hand, collaborative gaming is a very important part of our relationship. Yes, we actually tend to suffer when we don't shoot enough Huns together.
  • Sincerity -- I was a bit sharp-tongued with my son as he continually ran off in Target and worried me. It was a long day, though, and I was getting upset that he wasn't listening.
  • Justice -- I'm good on that.
  • Moderation -- Probably could use more blogging moderation. It seems to be feasting or starving here.
  • Cleanliness -- I was clean, my clothes are clean, and my house was cleaner when I went to bed than it was when I got up. It's still a mess, but it is improving.
  • Tranquility -- I was disturbed by trifles. I was angry at a coworker over stupid things. I was upset by my son misbehaving. I was irritated when my husband kept trying to just talk and I was trying to get some work/emailing done. I need patience.
  • Chastity -- You know, I honestly think this is none of your business. ;)
  • Humility -- Ugh. Not very humble. That didn't go well yesterday.


  • Make bed - no
  • hotspot - yes
  • laundry - yes
  • swish toilet - yes
  • feed lizards - yes
  • 15 mins in zone - yes
  • 27 fling - yes
  • 5 min - yes
  • pack lunch - no
  • dishes - no
  • hotspot 2 - yes
  • vitamins/teeth - yes
  • Clean up kitchen, LR, DR - yes
  • lay out clothes - no
  • gather things for tomorrow - yes
  • plan dinner - yes
  • check calandar - yes
  • clean fridge - no (I may move this to another day. This should be done the day before the grocery store, I'd think)
  • Paper clutter - no


I jsut decided to go tackle some "paper clutter" and I think I'm late filing an FSA recipt, because I oculdn't find the stupid recipt... and as it turns out, it's in my computer bag. It's where I thought it should be, yet I never checked there to see if I actually put it where it belongs. How sad is that? Hopefully they'll take it, even if it's late.

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