Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Posting via Email

One reason I never seem to manage to post enough to this here blog is simply the issue of time. There's never enough of it. One thing I do have, however, is a phone that can send email. It takes pictures, it has AIM, it has a web browser (but doesn't support cookies or javascript). It even has SSH! I fully expect the next version to bake cookies for me. And I always have this phone with me. Always. That way, if I'm ever bored, I can IM people, check email, surf, and so forth.

I even have my Flylady emails sent right to my phone, so I can easily get fly-washed. (Hey.. I wonder how I put a link in this through email. HTML? Here's trying: <a href="">Flylady</a> )

So, now, I've configured it to let me post to this blog from my phone. Woohoo! Now I can blog while I'm waiting for my son to be done with daycare and get ready to come home. Sure, he screams in the morning when it's time to go, but you also can't drag him away from it. Toddlers are very complicated creatures.

Update: Whoa... it does not format this especially well.

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