Friday, October 14, 2005

Self-Improvement Report 10/13/2005


  • Temperance -- I had a healthy lunch, a cooked a good dinner, and I didn't overeat. At lunch I was tempted by chips, but I put them away and yogurt instead. Yogurt isn't perfect, but it sure beats chips. I had one chocolate after dinner, and resisted making myself a chocolate shake. I had some morning coffee, no tea.
  • Silence -- Full marks for that, I think. I'm probably missing something I did wrong.
  • Order -- I cleaned up and made things better than they were in the morning, again.
  • Resolution -- I made dinner, again, and sent off the spreadsheet and some other files I promised. I'm still behind on the XSL-FOs, however.
  • Frugality -- All I bought was lunch. I would have preferred to bring food instead, but I didn't have any leftovers, and I got up too late to make anything easy.
  • Industry -- Time was not wasted. Well, okay, another 2-hour AoE game.
  • Sincerity -- Far too cranky in the evening, I think. But I did pretty well up until the Boy's bedtime.
  • Moderation -- Yep!
  • Cleanliness -- Pretty good there, too.
  • Tranquility -- Yeah, I'm so not tranquill. I can't imagine how many black marks I get there.
  • Chastity -- Still none of your business.
  • Humility -- Mostly humble, I think? It may be hard for me to tell.


  • Make bed - no
  • hotspot - no
  • laundry - yes
  • swish toilet - yes
  • 15 mins in zone - yes
  • 27 fling - yes
  • 5 min - yes
  • pack lunch - no
  • dishes - yes
  • hotspot 2 - yes
  • vitamins/teeth - yes
  • Clean up kitchen, LR, DR - yes
  • lay out clothes - yes
  • gather things for tomorrow - yes
  • plan dinner - yes
  • check calandar - yes
  • clean fridge - no (I may move this to another day. This should be done the day before the grocery store, I'd think)
  • Paper clutter - yes -- of course, I wasn't able to finish it because I lost my password for the FSA site.
  • Clean purse - yes
  • trash - yes

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