Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Progress So Far

I haven't figured out yet how I'm going to share my Flylady progress with you, my loyal readers. Oh, I mean you, the people looking back at my old blog posts once I become rich and famous to see what SilverMine was like before she won the Nobel Prize.

But, until I've come up with a way of informing you (ooh, maybe I can post that bar chart I've been dreaming of every Monday morning!), my beloved readers, I guess I'll have to wing it.

So this week, we're in the kitchen. The big deal this month, for the kitchen, it to get a pantry and fill it with staples (the Perpetual Pantry). I'm doing pretty well so far:
  • I have a pantry
  • It is organized into categories, like "tomato sauce", "baking", "soup", and so forth.
  • I keep a list on the fridge to write down items that we've run out of or are getting low on.
What I need to work on:
  • I do often buy things that we just might never use. I am getting better about it, though!
  • My freezer is not in any way organized.
  • I don't even label and date things in the freezer!
  • I do not have a list of "staples" to check against, to see if I'm missing any (but I don't know if I need it, since I have the list on the fridge...)
So, my plan to fix this:
  • Organize the freezer
  • Start writing dates and labels on freezer items
  • Find ways to use up weird things in the pantry
  • Don't buy things at the store unless they are on the list and you know what you're going to do with them

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