Monday, January 08, 2007

One Week Into the New Diet

I'm usually not a person who makes New Year's Resolutions. I do believe in changing myself for the better, but it seems pointless to wait until New Year's to do it. If I want to change myself, it's better to start right when I have the urge. In this case, the urge just happened to come around New Year's day, so I actually have a real live resolution this year.

You see, I was just on a short vacation to visit family. It was a very fun trip. The thing is, I hadn't seen my sister in about 2 years. I last saw her when she came here to visit and had a 6 month old. Naturally, she was holding lots of baby weight from two kids, plus had that extra-curvy nursing body still. However, this visit, I was the one with the 5 month old, the baby weight, and the nursing body. I'm 40 pounds over where I was before I had kids. She just lost 35 pounds. We have such identical body types that it was like looking at a living, breathing "this is what you could be!" poster. I have to say, it hit me like a ton of brick. I couldn't believe how small she looked. I don't think she's ever weighed less than me before. Ever. I think seeing my sister made an impact on my mom too, because we both swore to lose weight for real this time. My husband also joined up, and my mom told my dad he was, too. He has diabetes, and while he lost a good deal of weight around the time he was diagnosed he still has at least 50 pounds he really should lose.

Apparently my sister made this big change by:
  1. Not having any more babies. :D
  2. Gave up her breakfast Coke.
  3. Stopped snacking by playing World of Warcraft all evening.
Now, um, I don't think this particular diet will work for me. I have no idea how the rest of my family intends to lose, but I've signed up for weightwatchers again. I'm doing Core, and I have to say, having 10 extra breastfeeding points a day sure helps stick to Core! That means I can eat all the Core foods, plus 10 bf points per day, plus 5 points a day as part of the Core plan (you get 35 points to spread over the week), plus I can eat any other activity points. Just yesterday I scored 3 activity points playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Now, I know in the beginning of diets you tend to lose a lot of weight without much work, but I was quite pleased to see that not only did I keep within my points (I actually had 15 left over for the week! I'm too good at this, I guess....) but I lost 3.2 pounds. Go me!!

Hopefully DDR will help me out a lot. I find it hard to do exercises -- it really bores me. But if it's part of a game, my competitiveness will keep me going! My son likes to try to dance along too (or just run in circles) and likes to pick out the music I dance to. My husband takes turns too. Hopefully we'll keep it up!

Also, I just used my birthday gift certificate on a set of weights to do some lifting. I'm going to start following one of the routines from and use the videos from Weightwatchers online to figure out how to do the exercises correctly.

Wish me luck!


whymommy said...

Good luck to you!

I'm fascinated to hear how DDR is as a weight-loss tool ... if it works, you could make a mint endorsing it! :-)

Baby weight is rough -- I'm looking forward to losing mine too!

jettybetty said...

IMHO the WW core program is one of the best ways to loose weight! Sounds like you are already doing great!!!