Friday, January 12, 2007

Weekly Weak Moments

So, this has been a harder week. The first week of a diet is always so much easier. It's something new, you feel like you're taking control, and you can do it. Then the next week, reality sets in, and you realize you've eaten the same thing for 4 days in a row, because you know it works and you have it in the house... but you're already bored. Oops!

This week has been harder for a few reasons. My husband started classes again, so he's gone three evenings a week. That makes making dinner and eating dinner that much harder. Or planning snacks for the next day. Or relaxing, getting sleep, etc.. I feel more like I need to use food to reward myself. I've run out of some of the easier foods to eat, because we haven't been to the grocery store since last Saturday.

So far I'm keeping within points. I mean, heck, I get basically 15 points a day plus Core foods. But I'm not making great choices, and I've felt hungry and cranky due to having less food, less healthy food, less exercise, and just being overwhelmed.

The house is a mess... everything feels like it's a mess.

I'm currently going through FlyLady's BabySteps (again!) to rebuild my routines. I seem to have to do that often, but I think it happens a lot after stressful times and when my routine needs to change but I can't figure out how. For example, for a long time my evening routine was pretty well set, but with dh taking evening classes, it's pretty much shot. I have to re-arrange things, and I haven't made that work yet, so it's fallen apart, and consequently my mornings are crazier (because I'm still rushing around trying to find everyone's lunch and clothes) and I'm forgetting things for the kids (I swear, it was 50 degrees 3 days ago and the poor boy only had a light jacket and was wearing shorts!) and I'm lucky if I get a shower, so I just feel disgusting. That does not lend itself towards keeping the house clean, which means it harder to make meals, and really, everything just snowballs.

So, I'm trying to rebuild routines. One thing I just added was to give myself 15 minutes in the morning, even if it is once I get to work, to give myself a pep talk and arrange my day. I look over what needs to be done and make a list, plus I just tell myself I'm doing a good job and that I can get everything done. I hope it helps.

Maybe we can get our acts together so we can see friends again. Some recently asked if we wanted to get together (either here or there) and I just panicked. I really miss people, and I love seeing them, but I'm just scared of everything right now. Bleh.

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