Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Progress report for march

Okay, okay, I haven't been keping this up to date at all! The good news
is that I have begun FLYing! Maybe that's why I haven't found time for
hwre yet.

I'm nowhere near "perfect". But I have been trying to follow my routines
in good faith for several weeks now. And you know what? I don't need
complicated progress reports to know I'm improving. I know because my
house is cleaner! (Duh!)

I've almost finished my first month, and its just making so much more
sense now. My problem was that I could never see how her way could
result in a cleaner house. It seemed like their weren't enough zones for
all my rooms, so I spent all my time trying to invent new zones, or
squishing more in. Crazy! Now I'm just happy because a few rooms are
clean, from zone decluttering. Ill get to the other rooms in time. I
know I will. I can't believe how well this works but I just never
manages to keep at it for a few weeks to find out!

And really, I still have very simple routines and sometimes even miss
things in my routine. Yesterday I didn't manage to do a 15 minute
decluttering. Mondays seem to be hard days for me. But my other rooms
still got picked up, and my.sink is shining. What a great feeling!

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