Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Hate Being a Working Mom

I do. I hate dropping him off to be with someone else all day long during his "good hours". I hate that I don't get to do the silly art projects with him. I hate that I finally have a job coding, but I don't even want to do it, because I miss the little guy so much.

But I can't bring myself to move away from this communistic state, because I like having mountains and a beach within easy reach. And farmer's markets with incredible food. And restaurants from every country and culture I can think of. And my parents. Probably that last one the most.

I'm not sure I can stomach the idea of ripping up my new roots here (I've only been here 6 years, but that's just about as long as I've ever lived in any particular state) and trying to move to a totally new place, to be a stay at home mom, give up work, give up coding, and now even have the support of my parents to fall back on. It just sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Plus, well, they're getting older. I want to be here for them like they were always there for me. I want to spend time with them now that I'm an adult. I get along with them so well, and, frankly, they are my best friends (well, them and my husband). No one else in the world understands me, at all, other than my family it seems. So I need them, or I'll be even more lonely.


Anonymous said...

Do you know how deep I had to dig to find your blog or any blog that addresses this issue? I am amazed there are not more of us out there. I am a working mom and I HATE IT. No one else is saying this out it's feminist we're failing ourselves as women to want to stay home with our kids and forgo careers.I have my whole life to work. My baby will only be 22 months once. I hate this life. ---Wendy

Anonymous said...

I too am know that I need to be home with my little girl...8 months old. However, we live in the Greater Bosotn area both have to work full time. Her day care teachers are wonderful, but since she's been there (4 months) she has had 2 ear infections, 2 rounds of conjunctivitis, flu, etc. We have made the decision to relocate but it't going to take a long while. I just try to make the best of every moment I have with her. Usually, it's 3:00 am when she is cying and I have to be up for work in just a few hours! I have a BA and an MA and have no problem "giving up" my career!-Colleen

Anonymous said...

Woops...sorry for all of the typos and incorrect spellings. It has been a VERY long day! -Colleen

Sarah said...

I feel the same way! I HATE BEING A WORKING MOM! My kids are 11,8 and 5 and now I have no more babies. It is all my husband's decision and he is reaping the benefits of the second income. We are both stressed and exhausted and yet he won't even let me work part-time. I am so unhappy and don't know what to do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this. I'm a full-time employee and a part-time mom and I hate it. How I was once convinced that you can do both "full-time" I'll never understand. My son's are 15,10 and 9 with a daughter on the way. My family enjoys new clothes and I enjoy weekly hair appointments at the expense of my children's grades and need for time. Currently my family has learned to STOP incurring debts and reducing expenses. Now my checks go strictly to paying them off. Once that is done I'm going to request that my boss employ me part-time. If that is not do-able I will simply resign. I want to be a mother.