Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What do I want to know?

Now that I've told you what I do know -- what is it that I want to know? More about:
  • Economics -- though I do find that what I learned in college is more than what most of my peers know. That thought depresses me, because I feel like I hardly know a thing.
  • History -- I'm not good at memorizing dates, and I tend to forget names and places, too. Not so good for remembering anything to do with history. I'd like to compare what was going on in different countries and areas at any one time. Since in school, we generally learned the history of one place, instead of by year, I am constantly surprised at who was alive at the same time. Very interesting stuff!
  • Politics -- Similar to the above. Politics is really current history. ;) And once I know more about history, it should help me understnad current politics.
  • Education -- Should I homeschool? Should I send him to CA public schools? (*shudder*) I'm learning more about education schools and methods so I can tell if the schools are making it up as they go, or in case I need to use them myself to teach my own son. I still have no idea what to do, so I continue to read homeschooler's blogs, education blogs, and anything else I can find. I'm tempted to homeschool him just so I can spend more time studying history for myself!
  • Medical reform, social security reform, tax reform -- not general topics, but specific topics I want to know more about so we can fix them.

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